The True Reason Central Banks Want to Eliminate Money


First we have a tendency to had ECB president Mario Draghi announce he’s seriously considering eliminating the €500 note, & then we have a tendency to had former North American country treasury secretary Larry Summers lobbying to eliminate the $100. each of them use the ‘terrorist’ angle as justification, spoken language that the sole users of high denominated currency area unit terrorists, & criminals. however this move to eliminate high valued notes is simply the beginning, as central bankers need to eliminate all money, & the explanation why has nothing to try and do with terrorist act, or criminals.

No, the important reason that central banks need to eliminate money is so they’ll add a lot of taxes & fees to each dealings created. They additionally feel that they recognize best what you must do along with your cash. they require to force individuals to pay or invest their cash within the risky activities that revive growth, instead of sign it within the safe places.

Under the pretence of terrorist act, they require to observe each dealings that you simply build, &they require to tax every of these transactions. These area unit identical geniuses World Health Organization within the last eight years have globally…

cut interest rates sixty seven times
forced rates to negative to such a degree that nowadays fifty fifth of ALL government bonds pay yieldone hundred and twenty fifth or less
purchased over $12 trillion in assets in a shot to spice up the economy
None of those measures has done something to spice up the world economy. With negative ratesobligatory, the result for banks or long savers, is that by golf stroke your cash during a ‘perceived’ safe place – like the financial organisation or a bond certificate – you mechanically lose a number ofthat cash.

Hardly stunning, these measures have crystal rectifier to the growing quality of money forindividuals with any substantial savings. Bank of England analysis shows demand for money hasmature quicker than gross domestic product in several countries. that the central banks face an extra challenge: the way to impose negative interest rates on money itself.

They are killing seniors World Health Organization have saved all their life so they may continue to exist the interest on their savings. rather than seniors earning interest on their savings, these bureaucrats area unit implementing negative rates to charge penalties on these seniors’ savings.

And currently they require to eliminate money altogether. whereas the convenience of electronic transactions area unit huge, moving to a strictly electronic system has Brobdingnagian in all the most important threats nowadays to Western countries may be a large cyber attack against its infrastructure. Imagine that ISIS or another FTO took down the ability grid in major cities. There would be no access to cash for businesses or households.

The same holds true if there’s a vast earthquake during a region. Power may be out for weeks in some areas, eliminating all access to electronic funds.

There area unit several alternative drawbacks. One is prime & issues the liberty to require your liveof the bank, & to pay it anonymously, as you see match. Some wish to play poker, or bet with friends onthe end result of a game. Technically, these activities would be thought of nonlegal &/or at the terriblyleast, rateable by the bureaucrats.

While the governments keep telling North American country this can be all for our security & protection, it’s extremely concerning rights & freedoms, those that our folks & grandparents fought to preserve.

A cashless society would mean that the govt would management what proportion cash you’ll pay.after we get consecutive banking crisis, if the system is strictly cashless, then they may merely close up the access, so you can not access, or pay your own cash.

Before jumping on the cashless society bandwagon, place confidence in the potential consequences. Also, once you hear the politicians & bureaucrats telling you it’s all to safeguard you from terrorists,bear in mind mountain Franklin’s quote…

“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security be neither and can lose each.”

Stay tuned!

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