11 hacks of time-saving for Microsoft Word


While you may consider the program as a well-recognized annoyance that’s been around since your lycee days, you’ll be able to get some serious work finished it if you recognize the way to use it properly. And no, I’m not simply talking regarding knowing the way to produce columns and alter text size.

Here square measure eleven lesser-known however extremely effective tricks to create Word your new best work friend.

1. If you waste time information constant report each single week

You don’t need to waste another minute wiggling with each vogue feature for each doc you produce. Instead, save your favorite information therefore you’ll be able to simply apply “Quick Styles” to any text in barely seconds.

2. If you’re perpetually having to chop and paste totally different sections of text

Usually you’ll be able to solely work with one text choice at a time. which will be frustrating if you’re moving plenty of text around. But, with Word’s “spike” perform, you’ll be able to collect many picks and paste all of them promptly to a brand new location. Less scrolling, a lot of working!

3. If you don’t perceive why your information isn’t exposure right

Save yourself from those I’m-gonna-smash-this-computer moments by showing information marks. Then you’ll see wherever each area, tab, paragraph (and therefore on) extremely is therefore you’ll be able to remove what you don’t need. as a result of United Nations agency hasn’t gone crazy at automatic typing that you just didn’t check in for?

4. If you can’t management auto-corrections

One of the foremost common complaints I hear from users is that they can’t stop their pc from ever-changing sure things they sort. It’s meant to be useful, however you don’t forever need 3 dashes was a horizontal line or bullet points for each list. finish those “argh” moments by turning off automatic information.

5. If you would like to collaborate with others at the same time

If you’re additionally a Google Docs user, you recognize however handy it’s to be able to edit a document at the same time together with your coworkers. Word 2016 currently keeps a replica of your add the cloud therefore you’ll be able to “co-author” with people even at constant time. Plus, you’ll be able to access it from totally different devices therefore you’ll be able to edit it from any device.

6. If you wish to look at 2 docs side-by-side for comparison

When you ought to consider 2 documents compared to every different, you may forever open them in 2 separate windows. But, use this trick and you’ll be able to “sync” the text of each so they scroll along — creating your checking easier than ever.

7. If you would like to try and do a lot of in less time

How regarding creating your own keyboard shortcuts for any task you are doing repeatedly? you’ll be able to assign (or change) shortcuts to any functions that don’t have one already. Your whole life may be as straightforward as copy/paste is for you straight away.

8. If you wish a lot of info regarding your current doc straight away

One helpful feature of recent Word is that the standing bar at the lowest. You’ve most likely noticed it, however additionally noticed the data there hasn’t been therefore useful for you. By customizing it, you’ll see specifically what you wish to grasp.

9. If you’re bored with typewriting constant words over and over

Your computer’s a robust beast, therefore place it to figure and save yourself precious keystrokes by having sure phrases or perhaps whole sentences or paragraphs able to be inserted anytime, anywhere.

10. If you would like to stay sure docs without delay accessible

Why not tailor your “Recent Docs” list to point out those that you just want most often? which means less time checking out file names you can’t quite bear in mind and longer truly within the document you wish to utilize.

11. If you wish to grasp if your content’s right for your readers

This is one (fast) thanks to resolve however straightforward your text is to know. That way, you’ll be able to be 100 percent positive it’s acceptable for your audience.

There’s a reason Microsoft has unbroken its place as a very important productivity tool of these years. And currently you’ll be able to get the foremost out of it with the following tips to try and do your work quicker (and with a full ton less frustration).

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